Safer in a Volvo with 360 vision

Volvo Cars' has a vision - that by 2020 no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car.

A four-year project the 'non-hit car and truck project' draws to a close this December and Volvo have been developing a sensor fusion technology to provide a 360 degree view around a car. The 'Non-hit...

Volvo reinvents the child seat

A revolutionary inflatable child seat concept has been announced by Volvo. Still in the development stage, Volvo has designed an inflatable rear-facing child seat concept using ground-breaking technology. The seat is safe, easy to pack and carry and will enable parents to use it in many situations. Read full article here......

Dodgy repair jobs

You may have seen some of these before, but they are classics. Enjoy having a giggle at these DIY car repair jobs, but remember if you want your repair done properly come and see a professional panel beater company. 40 worst DIY Car repairs...